Rockstar Club Update & Letter from a Mom

Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 6:50 PM by User

Last month Avril visited the Avril Lavigne Rockstar Club at Easter Seals in Southern California. She made chimes, danced, and sang karaoke with the kids who participate in the Rockstar Club. Click here to view photos from our visit. 

We also spoke with one of the moms whose son participates in the Rockstar Club. She wrote Avril the below letter, which we wanted to share with our supporters. Your donations to the Avril Lavigne Foundation help make a difference!

“Dear Avril,

I just want to thank you for your commitment to helping children with disabilities and your work with Easter Seals. The Easter Seals program has been vital for my son to have after-care once school is over. He goes to Easter Seals with peers with disabilities and they have activities that are meaningful to them; singing, computers, videos and most importantly music.

There is just something universal about the importance and understanding of music to the brain that these children, with cognitive disabilities, understand. My son, Timmy is nonverbal and has autism. Since 6 mos old he has always responded to music. He can read and is absolutely mesmerized and motivated by the karaoke machine. Thank you again for improving the quality of my son’s and all of the children’s experience at Easter Seals.




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